Public Holidays in Poland: Unveiling Wrocław’s Celebrations and Closures

Public Holidays in Poland

Understanding Public Holidays in Poland

Poland observes several public holidays throughout the year, which bring out unique traditions and celebrations. They’re characterized by public and private sector closures and special events, especially in vibrant cities like Wrocław.

New Year’s Day (January 1)

New Year’s Day, or “Nowy Rok,” is a public holiday in Poland. Wrocław welcomes the New Year with firework displays, music concerts, and festive gatherings.

Easter Sunday & Monday (Variable Dates)

Easter, known as “Wielkanoc,” is a significant celebration in Poland, featuring special church services and family gatherings. Expect closures on these days.

Labour Day (May 1) & Constitution Day (May 3)

Labour Day and Constitution Day are observed as public holidays. Various events, including parades and concerts, are held in Wrocław’s public squares.

Corpus Christi (Variable Date in June)

Corpus Christi, or “Boże Ciało,” is celebrated with religious processions in Wrocław, reflecting Poland’s strong Catholic tradition.

Assumption Day (August 15)

Assumption Day is a public holiday and also serves as Polish Army Day. Wrocław often hosts military parades to commemorate the occasion.

All Saints’ Day (November 1)

On All Saints’ Day, Poles visit cemeteries to honor the deceased. In Wrocław, cemeteries are lit with thousands of candles, creating a beautiful and solemn sight.

Independence Day (November 11)

Independence Day is one of the most important national holidays in Poland. Wrocław marks the day with patriotic events and ceremonies.

Christmas Day & Second Day of Christmas (December 25 & 26)

Christmas is a significant celebration in Poland, characterized by traditional meals and family gatherings. Public spaces in Wrocław are beautifully decorated and lit, contributing to the festive atmosphere.


Public holidays in Poland offer a glimpse into the country’s cultural richness and historical heritage. As one of Poland’s most vibrant cities, Wrocław embraces these holidays with unique events, creating a memorable experience for locals and tourists alike. It’s advised to check the exact dates and event schedules when planning your visit.

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Public Holidays in Poland: Unveiling Wrocław’s Celebrations and Closures
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